Text to Sammy

Nicole: I miss you too.
Nicole: I haven't met the team. Been to afraid to go to a practice, I'm just waiting til opening day I guess.
Sam: Why are you afraid to meet the team? I'm sure they've been waiting for the day they get to meet you.



I love you. I love it when you write stupid notes and when you send me messages saying good morning. I love it when you make me feel like a princess. I love it when you make funny faces just to make me smile when you see me sad. I love when you hold my hand when we’re walking down the street and kiss me at every opportunity. I love you when you love me.

Text to Sammy

Nicole: I'll be home off and on through the summer. I'm already overwhelmed.
Nicole: I'll be back home with my dad in September, maybe October.
Nicole: This town is just a pit.
Sam: Good, because I miss you so much already.
Sam: Not good that you're overwhelmed but good that you're coming to visit on and off, but I'm sure you got that so now I'm just talking when I don't have to be so I'm just going to stop. Yeah, sorry.
Sam: Do you at least like the team?

Twin Talk - Samantha&Stella


"They aren’t going to hurt you. I won’t let them hurt you. The way these guys operate is shady and unprofessional. They do drive by shootings and muggings on the street. Even if they did break into our house all the alarms would sound. This place is a castle, no one can ever storm this castle. If you’re here you’re safe. Plus, you live in the basement so they can’t really shoot through your windows. Those people shouldn’t even know about Aaron and if they do it’s because Rich opened his big dumb Bryant mouth." Stella patted her sister’s hand that she was holding, "It’s going to be okay. Either.. My crew will die or Rich’s and it’ll all be done with forever. There’s only 4 of us left. Mason sent them on a loop and they can’t find him. They think he’s fled the country and Mason said they won’t want to kill any of us unless he will know about it. He thinks the reason they shot up his friend’s house is to try and get him to show up at the hospital. I don’t know. I try not to get too involved you know. I just drop of the money into a secret account. Try my best to keep communications and deals limited. I don’t know what to do. Chase wants me to stay with him in Billings and I can’t do that you know, I don’t want to leave from my home. Mason’s going to teach me and Tiffany how to shoot soon.. I told him I didn’t need it but he said I did, so, I just wait to get a little pager alert."

"I’m not worried about me, I’m just worried about you and Hayden and everyone that’s left. We’ve got four and they’ve got who know’s how many. They just keep recruiting. And even if this does end right, that they die and not all of you, I have to worry about Rich and Mason won’t think twice about killing him in the end." Sam draped a hand over her eyes and sighed. Peeking an eye out, she looked over at Stella and shook her head. "No, you aren’t going to go stay with Chase, like you said, here is probably the safest place and I don’t want them seeing you directly staying with one of them in the middle of all of this, I don’t care if I have to move you into my room or the sound room so that you’re safe down here too, but you’re not with him. If you want I can teach you how to shoot a gun."  Rolling over, Sam pulled out the drawer of her nightstand and pulled out a pistol. "Dad got it for me after he found out about Joey, I don’t know if he really thought I would shoot him, but he took me out with it a few times and Mason taught me a thing or two." She put it away and laid back down beside Stella. "You’re going to be fine, alright? I promise, I won’t let anyone hurt you." She reached for her hand again and have it a squeeze.

//See I can look pretty if I try

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#what the supernatural fandom looks like to other people

it doesn’t help that most of us complain about missing lucifer

I have an aniti possession symbol sticker on my laptop and the comments I get because of it are hilarious

I have the anti possession tattoo on my neck and sometimes I purposefully put my hair up when it looks like I’m sitting next to a closed minded, judgmental person.

My pastor told my mother he was concerned for me.

Twin Talk - Samantha&Stella


"I just wanted Joe to be ruined, at least so you could have that for yourself. So you could have that win." Stella looked over at Sam with a smile on her face, "Thank you, that means a lot. I really hope everything works out for the both of us in the end of this all." The girl laughed, "Sure, tell me anything you want."

"Yeah, but with our family no news is secret, it would have been everywhere and everyone would have known and it wouldn’t have felt like a win, not to me." Sam shrugged and stared at the ceiling. "I just want you to be happy and for Savannah to come back home okay." She turned her head to look at Stella. "I love Rich, I do, and he says he loves me, but with all of this drug war crap and him being pulled around left and right, I just want, normal. Something safe for Hayden. I’m so afraid that something is going to happen and he and Aaron are going to get pulled into it, I mean, I’m already worrying about you and Mason and Chase, everyone we haven’t lost yet. I’m still so close to Aaron because I still care about him, so much, I can’t let him go, and I’m terrified to lose him. All of you."

Text to Sammy

Nicole: One house had blood on the curtains. I don't like this town.
Sam: You don't? Then come home.
Sam: I mean, I'm sure that was just an odd story and you'll find a great house

Text to Sammy

Nicole: Rental house hunting is not off to a good start -.-
Sam: No? And why is that?

I really could use Savannah right now

She always knew just what to do.


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